Keeper is the culmination of years of learning and expertise amassed through the development of our single-signature app, Tribe (formerly known as Hexa Wallet). Both Keeper and Tribe are products of BitHyve, a bitcoin-only company. Our unwavering commitment is to provide self-custody solutions adhering to industry standards and best practices, ensuring accessibility for both newcomers and seasoned plebs.

Meet the humble plebs behind Keeper and Tribe, dedicated to bringing you great bitcoin hodling and transaction solutions.

Monetary maximalist and meme lover

Anant Tapadia

Product Director - Vision, Strategy & Execution

12+ years of experience in applications software development and management

Utkarsh Phirke

Architecture Lead

PM @TheSolo401k | Independent Contractor | Organizer @BitDevsLA | Prev:...



Shadowy Super-Coder. Unlicensed software engineer. Lead technical consultant

Ben Kaufman


Advisor estate and trust administration for Bitcoin holders.

Amanda Kita

Estate Planning - Advisor



Building Keeper as a route to social change via bitcoin.

Parshva Jain

Principal Engineer

Creating and connecting bitcoin stories

Abhilash Nair

Head - Community Nurturing

Working to solve real-world use cases using technology.

Arpan Jain

Partner - Technology, People, Operations

Creative maestro crafting seamless user experiences.

Sumaiah Khan

Design Lead

Personifies "Don't judge a book by its cover."


Principal Engineer

Application developer - React Native, React hooks,Redux, Typescript, and JavaScript.

Akshay Chavan

React Native Developer

Many passions, the latest being bitcoin.


Principal Engineer

Angel investor and partner at Fulgur Ventures

Oleg Mikhalsky


UX Designer by profession. Youtuber by passion.

Devesh Shankar

UX Analyst & Usability Testing

Serial entrepreneur. Host of Magic Internet Money Podcast.

Brad Mills

Advisor - Experience

Privacy and security evangelist.

Matt Odell

Advisor - Privacy

CEO - Swan Bitcoin. Angel funded 20+ startups

Cory Klippsten

Advisor - Strategy

Creator and maintainer of the Zeus lightning wallet.

Evan Kaloudis

Software engineer

Ved Chopra