Your private
bitcoin vault

Multi-sig Secure

Privacy Preserving

Inheritance Supporting


Use multiple
devices to
protect your

Use any popular signing device (hardware wallets) to create a resilient m of n multi-sig protection. Air-gapped, multi-location, and multi-device security.

Your identity is
neither sought,
nor accessible

No signup/ email required. Just download and use. No KYC for Inheritance. Connect your own node. Enable Tor for better network privacy.

bequeath your

Inheritance Support provides you with the tips, tools and templates which work with your existing estate plan. Generational peace of mind.



Enhance privacy and anonymity by mixing multiple transactions together with Whirlpool. Mix specific UTXOs, remix for free, store directly into the Vault post-mix.


All Features

There is more... and a lot more to come

Affordable Everywhere

We believe that privacy and security should be within everyone's reach. We've set our price plans accordingly, globally. Currently Keeper is being launched as a free test-net app.

Buy into cold storage

You can easily stack sats within your Vault. We've eliminated the step for you to purchase bitcoin on an exchange and then shift. Directly buy into your vault without getting your HW signers out.

Bip-85 Wallets

Hot wallets for regular use or linking external wallets. Auto-transfer when the threshold is crossed.

No Hardware Wallet, No Problem

Many options, like Signing Server, Mobile Key, Soft Key and another Keeper App, available to use.