Use multiple
devices to
protect your

Use any popular signing device (hardware wallets) to create a resilient m of n multi-sig protection. Air-gapped, multi-location, and multi-device security.

Your identity is
neither sought,
nor accessible

No signup/ email required. Just download and use. No KYC for Inheritance. Connect your own node. Enable Tor for better network privacy.

bequeath your

Inheritance Support provides you with the tips, tools and templates which work with your existing estate plan. Generational peace of mind.


Enhance privacy and anonymity by mixing multiple transactions together with Whirlpool. Mix specific UTXOs, remix for free, store directly into the Vault post-mix.


Tor - In built + Orbot

Use the power of Tor for enhanced privacy. Seamlessly access the Bitcoin network while safeguarding yourself with Tor's advanced anonymity and encryption, ensuring your financial activities remain confidential. You can use Tor within Keeper with the in-app feature or with Orbot.

Watch only wallets

Experience flexible oversight with watch-only wallets in Keeper. Monitor your funds and transactions securely without exposing your private keys. Seamlessly track your transactions while keeping your assets safe and separate from potential online threats

Collaborative Wallet

Elevate your security with our Bitcoin wallet's multisig vault feature. Utilize one wallet as a dedicated signing device, enhancing control and protection over your funds within the multisignature setup. Safeguard your assets with collaborative authorization, ensuring peace of mind and fortified defense against unauthorized transactions.

Inheritance Key

Secure your legacy with the Inheritance Key feature in Keeper. Prepare for the future by using a 3-of-6 multisig setup with one key being an Inheritance Key. Ensure a seamless transfer of assets while maintaining control over your financial legacy.

Output Descriptors

Effortlessly restore your multisig vault using Output Descriptors in our Bitcoin wallet. Streamline the recovery process by employing descriptor-based setups, enabling you to reconstruct the complex structure of your multisignature wallet with ease. Safeguard against data loss and efficiently regain access to your funds by leveraging this advanced feature for hassle-free vault restoration.

Use any co-ordinator app

Seamlessly recreate your multi-sig vault using any co-ordinator software of your choice, enabling you to regain control over your funds with the convenience and freedom you deserve. Embrace a versatile approach to managing your assets, while ensuring the highest level of security and accessibility in reestablishing your multi-signature vault.

Non-hardware signing options

Keeper’s Hodler tier unlocks the ability to sign with signing servers and mobile keys. Thus users do not need to necessarily have hardware devices to setup and use their multisig Vaults.


Seamlessly transfer funds from your single-sig wallet to the multisig vault when a predefined threshold is met.