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1What is Whirlpool?
It is a service to dissociate your personal information from your bitcoin.
2Why should I care about Whirlpool?
Name Gender Date of birth Nationality Home address How you look Email address Phone number Device ID Transactions and related data Most exchanges worldwide ask for KYC data. The points mentioned above are just some of the personal details that get revealed when exchanges get hacked. You may have bought bitcoin from KYCd exchanges. But each of your bitcoin transaction need not be a threat to your personal data being revealed. Putting your bitcoin through a coinjoin ensures that your bitcoin don’t reaveal your personal information.
3I’m ok with the data mentioned above being revealed. I have nothing to hide.
You may not have anything to hide, but you may have a lot to lose. Take the instance of the Canadian Truckers. Law abiding citizens donated to a cause they believed in and had their bank accounts frozen. If you hodl bitcoin and have stood-up for what you believe in, whirlpool should matter to you.
4What is Tx0?
Tx0 is the transaction that needs to occur to uniformize your sats to go into a pool. Currently there are 4 pools of various denominations. If you initiate a mix of 0.016 BTC in the 0.01 BTC pool, Tx0 would create 2 UTXOs. One of 0.01 BTC and one of 0.006 BTC.
5What is a mix?
A mix is the coinjoin operation where UTXOs created from multiple Tx0 transactions enter a pool of the same denomination. Being of the same denomination, the output UTXOs ensure that it is very hard to identify the PIIs associated with the UTXOs that went into the pool.
6How many types of mixes are there?
Premix is when Tx0 gets created. Post mix is when one or multiple mixes have occured. Remix is when atleast one mix has occured and sats are going for more mixing cycles.
7What is a premix wallet?
A premix wallet houses various UTXOs created to go into various pools.
8What is a post mix wallet?
Once sats have gone through a mixing cycle, they land in the post mix wallet. You can perform 3 actions from within this wallet: 1) Send mixed sats out from this wallet to your connects or some other wallet you have. 2) Transfer them to the Vault in Keeper. 3) Send the sats for another cycle of mixing called remix.
9What is a bad bank?
Tx0 creates 2 UTXOs. One UTXO is prepared to go into your chosen pool. The other is change that remains from the UTXO that's supposed to go into the pool. This change does not go into the whirlpool and could reveal critical PIIs. Thus such changes are collected in a dedicated wallet called the Bad Bank.
10What is doxxic change?
Sats that could reveal PIIs that are removed from the UTXO prepared for a mix are called Doxxic change.
11How can I spend my doxxic change?
You can use doxxic change on services like bitrefill.
12Can I kill the app after starting a mix? Will the coinjoin still take place?
Alas no! However, we've built the feature in a way that you can choose when to initiate a mix and a remix. You will have to keep alive for the mixes to occur.